Intelligent design and brand positioning are crucial components of any successful venture. From carefully considered aesthetics to human factors interaction, it comes down to understanding your target audience and creating rich experiences that leave an influential impression.

Granville Creative takes the pain out of the start up design process. With a gamut of entrepreneurship and design skills, let's collaborate to reduce the time to market so you can focus on what really matters - your clients.

Delayed timelines will increase your burn rate, so let's kick things off right away. Coffee is on the house.



Let's build a timeless brand that reflects your core values and tells your story. Whether you need to position yourself against key market leaders or simply refresh current aesthetics, you will discover how a unique identity benefits business long term.

Product Development

Perhaps you need to determine the human factors that surround the use of your innovative product or service. Let's get to know your customers so you can strategically design, develop and anticipate what your target audience will easily adopt.

Marketing Strategy

Determining an effective marketing strategy at an early stage is half the battle. Your plan must be bulletproof so you can focus on the quality of services delivered to your clients. With a smart plan in place, you're already ahead of the game.

User-Centered Research

Perhaps you need to dig deep with a thorough marketplace analysis or perform ethnographic research by engaging potential or existing customers. Discover how smart design and improved user-centered research will benefit your bottom line.

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Biomedical Designer
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